“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore...Dream… Discover..." - Mark Twain Be the woman who follows her heart with all her mind and with all her strength. Seven years back I didn’t even know how to catch a bus. Though from a tourist’s eye touring India on public transport can be fun and adventurous but the fun is all gone when you have to do it on day-to-day basis. The buses in India are always jam... SHE IS INDEPENDENT – SHE GOES SOLO


    Traveling in luxury is something that a lot of travelers and tourists try and treat themselves with. Experience the Sheer Luxury and Royalty in these luxury trains of India. Here is a list of the best luxurious trains in India that will leave you speechless. 1. Maharaja’s Express – Experience - This is the most luxurious train in the world, offering 5 fascinating journeys crisscrossing some of the most vibrant destinations, significant attractions and offering a vista of breathtaking landscape, culture and heritage with which India is blessed. Maharajas Express offers journ... TOUR OF A LIFETIME – EXPERIENCE THE ROYALTY IN INDIA


    Getting sick is actually a part of life no matter you are a die-hard fan of a healthy routine or not. Once in a while you may get those funny bowel troubles or you may get that feeling of nausea, and when you are traveling, the chances of occurrence of these troubles may double. So, here is the list of things or you may call precautions that you should keep in mind while traveling. Since I am not a doctor and I am not prescribing or advising anything. These are the things which I follow when I travel just to keep myself active and healthy. We cannot prevent the illness but we can sure... HOW TO AVOID GETTING SICK WHILE TRAVELING

Make your first trip the best trip with these tips

    Unique, Strange, Chaotic, Overwhelming the “in your face attitude”, funny, Loud, Spontaneous, Enchanting… Welcome to India! The moment you will step out of the airport you will be overwhelmed by the crowd, the noise, so many different smells from the streets and market, the Indian hospitality and of course the Cows. On your first trip to India, there will be days when you feel blessed or like an celebrity as people may treat you like one, and then there will be days when you will feel uneasy to roam around in India. Your trip will give you mixed emotions as you will see the rich... Make your first trip the best trip with these tips

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala

    For a relation that is created in the heaven, undoubtedly, the best way to celebrate this auspicious bonding and togetherness is to plan a honeymoon trip. But the big question is where to go? Wait, how can we forget the most beautiful and famous place – Kerala, which is one of the most stunning places and can give you an unending and unforgettable experience? Let’s have a glance on the 5 top romantic destinations in Kerala that will give you a honeymoon experience – how it’s supposed to be: Alleppey Boasting gorgeous weather, serene backwaters, amazing beaches and gloriou... Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala

What is a Good Honeymoon Destination?

    For each couple the definition of romance is somewhat unique, perhaps some prefer to gift a diamond ring, others plan a honeymoon trip. When planning a honeymoon, it's significantly important to choose the right destination, because that greatly matters to add more rigour to romance, and spice up your love life. The stunning natural beauty, winds, surroundings, rocky hills of Himalayas has long been a draw for honeymooners. There are superb views of Himalayas, snow-capped sparkling white peaks, mountains & beauty of nature. Out of a diverse mountain range, Himalayas offer great opp... What is a Good Honeymoon Destination?

Say ‘I Do’ in God’s Own Country

    Love is divine power which binds two souls together for forever. However it’s very tricky to show her your intense love and tell her that how much she means to you. But they say that surroundings speak way louder than words alone - so is there a better idea to express your beautiful feelings than a honeymoon in ‘God’s own country’- Kerala?   Kerala is a land of never ending beauty and unique culture, where you can understand each other’s feelings best and feel the love in its full glory. It is where every moment makes you fall in love with each other. And of cours... Say ‘I Do’ in God’s Own Country

Himalayas – The Best Summer Tourist Destination in the World

    Home to the highest mountain peaks on the planet, the glorious Himalaya is a royal landscape of mountains, deep valleys and glaciers, and is dominated by Mount Everest at 8,848m above sea level. Adorned with glittering white snow-capped peaks and marvellous sights, Himalayan realm is a place where honeymooners can enjoy undisturbed seclusion and adventure sports enthusiast can test their endurance. The ambiance of spirituality, serenity and sight of the peaks has a powerful effect, refreshes you magically, gifting you a lifetime experience. Himalayan tour packages are the perfect way t... Himalayas – The Best Summer Tourist Destination in the World

“Trek” – Things Good-to-Know before you GO…

    Okay so.... as we have planned a trek to Kheerganga and we are quite excited about it. People are getting enrolled and the ask us questions about the trek and they even tell us that how excited they are to go on a trek and eagerly waiting to feel and see the stunning scenery, the high snow covered mountains, the lush green meadows with pine trees and flower and that cool fresh breeze blowing. As am writing it I have already started imagining it in my head, even I can’t wait to be there… in the arms of Himalayas and feel the love of mother nature. But then the next thing that comes ... “Trek” – Things Good-to-Know before you GO…

Trekking Essentials.

    The lines in the picture are so true but to go that far you need some essentials which will help you throughout your trip.  First of all you need a rucksack (30-45 litre), so that you can keep all your stuff in it. Also make sure your bag is waterproof. The prices for it starts from 1000/- (for refrence purpose only) The rest of the list is as: Clothing: 1. Pairs of socks, 3 will do. 2. 3 set of dry clothes. Track pants, (even jeans is fine), t-shirts (cotton clothes are best). 3. thick woolens/inners. 4. 2 jacket to ... Trekking Essentials.
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