“Vinny” Vinod Jhajharia
Director - Business Development & International Marketing

Everyone calls him Vinny, although his real name is Vinod. Vinny holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Pune University and brings over 8+ years of experience in marketing, business development and entrepreneurship. He is very fond of traveling and off to visit USA in September 2014. He is a big fan of Strategy games and has an addiction for them, it’s no wonder if you find him leading any alliance in the mass multiplayer game travian. Apart from work and pc games Vinny is in love with the humankind and wants to make this world a better place to live. He loves to talk to people around him, you may find him talking to developers, waiters, shopkeepers, road-side beggars, he talk to almost everyone who has time to share their experiences.

Vikas R.
Director - Operations & Europe Marketing

Vikas also known as Vics, has about 7 years of experience working in India, Africa & Middle East. He is graduate in Engineering. He is fond of traveling and partying. He has traveled and lived in different parts of India since childhood days. He also likes to play games & sports. Outdoors, he likes playing Volley ball the most, and indoors, he likes playing computer games. In his spare time he likes to watch movies a lot. He is also fond of eating a lot, and mutton recipes are one of his favorites.

“Charlie” Bhupender Rana
Director – Tour Designs, Marketing & Special Projects

Charlie has 8+ years of experience in marketing & customer care (tech support). He is an ultimate personification of fun and humor. He is a strange balance between nothing and everything. He is fond of everything and yet nothing. He is so silent that often he is mocked by friends as a CIA spy. The only time he opens his mouth is to crack jokes or hilarious comments impromptu during a casual conversation. He is a walking encyclopedia, knows a bit about almost everything (movies, missiles, dogs, cats and what not). With a variety of taste in music, he also likes to stretch the strings of guitar. One of his best talents is creative writing. He has a great following for his poems and lately he is trying to finish a fantasy novel. He is a foodie who loves to cook as well. Friends like his cooking and often take out time to taste his recipes.

“Honey” Himanshu Maru
Managing Director, Director - India Marketing & Liaisons

Himanshu aka “Honey” has an experience of more than 4 years working with one of the biggest banks in India. He had a good exposure to banking and customer care. He is very fond of traveling whenever he gets a chance. It’s this interest which was the first thing that attracted him towards this tours business. He likes to take charge of the things and believes in persistence. In his spare time he likes to listen music, watch movies and cooking. He is proud of his cooking skills and cooks some delicious north Indian recipes.