Bikaner was found by Rathore prince, Rao Bikaji in 1486. Bikaji was one of 5 sons of Rao Jodhaji, founder of Jodhpur. Bikaner is also known as Camel Country.

Bikaner stands on a slightly raised ground in the southern part of Thar Desert and is circumscribed by seven km long wall with five gates. The forts and palaces here are created with the delicacy in reddish-pink sandstone which makes them magnificent and bear evidence of its affluent historical and architectural legacy.

Bikaner is regularly visited by Indian and Foreign tourists; it’s imposing palaces, utterly sculptured ancient temples and delighting camel safaris makes it a perfect tourism destination.

Bikaner is also famous for its mouthwatering sweets and snacks.

Places to visit at Bikaner:

Junagarh Fort

Laxmi Niwas Palace

Lalgarh Palace


Karni Mata Temple

Thar desert

Tours of Bikaner