Patiala is Punjab’s most known princely city who gave India his first Astronaut, Rakesh Sharma.

The history has praised Patiala with a rich legacy of art and architecture, the city is located around castle QILA MUBARAK standing on 10-acre ground is constructed by Sardar Lakhna and Bala Ala Singh in 1763.

Maharaja Narender Singh fortified the city by constructing ramparts and ten gates around the city.

The city boasts of its royal heritage and rich historical tradition, clearly visible in its grand fort, magnificent palaces and museums.

Patiala has always been mentioned for its old traditional market places, delectable cuisines, and mostly for its hospitality.

Places to visit:

Qila Mubarak

Sheesh Mahal

Bahadurgarh Fort

Armour and Chandeliers Museum

National institute of sports

Baradari Gardens

Dukhniwaran Sahib

Tours of Patiala