Rural Retreat

Many of us are living our lives in big cities for the sake of our career, family or for any reason. City life is not unknown to anyone. It’s a busy and hectic routine life. You wake up, get dressed, have your breakfast and hurry towards your work fighting up with traffic, crowd & pollution. Finally after an exhausting day at work, you again head back to your homes beating up even more traffic, crowd & pollution. You have your dinner and go back to bed. Day-after-day-after-day, you are living the same day over and over again (reminds me of that movie “Groundhog Day”). Finally the frustration starts building up and you wish you could get rid of it. It’s the war of life going on in cities and you yearn for a retreat. Sadly, there is no king or captain to shout “retreat”. You are your own king and captain in this war. So, you’ll be the one who’ll take a call on the “retreat”.

Bout India compassionately brings you “Rural Retreat” BOUTS to help those soldiers of city life, with a much needed retreat to rejuvenate and recharge themselves. India is country where about 70% population is living in rural areas. There are many villages in India still unaffected with the city life and modernization. They are in a perfect state of harmony with nature. The nature & cultures have stayed preserved here ever since the beginning. These are the ideal retreats or getaways from the bustling and monotonous city lives. Moreover, knowing India wouldn’t be complete if you haven’t seen the Indian rural life. Because, that’s where most of the Indians are living.

Heavenly Himalayan Retreat

Heavenly Himalayan Retreat Himalayas (meaning “Home of Snow”) are called heaven for two reasons. First, it is the highest place on the earth. Second, anyone who has visited Himalayas even once would swear it’s true that Himalayas is a synonym to Heaven. The “Retreat” BOUTS would... more >>

Royal Rajasthani Retreat

The words “Royal” and “Rajasthan” have been very deeply associated with each other for a while now. There is a strange sense of pride about their culture and lands in every Rajasthani. Rajasthan is one of the fewest states in India which has been successful in preserving its... more >>

Serene Southern Retreat

Serene Southern Retreat The word serene is used liberally here, and for all the right reasons. Kerala is an unsung paradise and a soothing retreat from your hectic everyday life. All the locations picked up for this bout are in Kerala state, which is one of the most naturally... more >>