The Introspection

There is another term for “introspection” – viz. “soul-searching”. Introspection means looking into ourselves. For introspection you need a calm and peaceful place where there is no one to disturb or bother you… just you and your soul in the lap of Mother Nature. There are also people who are capable of finding a way to be alone even in the middle of a crowd. For them, it’s quite easy to find some time for themselves to do some introspection anywhere. But all the rest of normal people would definitely need a getaway from the bustling and hectic city life, if they really want to get in touch with themselves. “The Introspection” theme is a collection of BOUTS designed specifically to get you out of your everyday routine and monotonous life and get you to a calm, serene & beautiful place in the middle of extreme nature, so you can explore your soul and get in touch with the Ultimate Soul – The GOD!

Across the Bay of Bengal

Across the Bay of Bengal The Bay of Bengal, the largest bay in the world, lies on the east of Indian peninsula. It has a very high geo-strategic significance to India. Across the Bay Bengal in farther east, lie the beautiful and secluded chain of islands called Andaman &... more >>

The God and Nature

The GOD and Nature To get to the GOD you should go to the Nature. Because… houses, buildings, roads, bridges, cities, etc… all we human have built for ourselves to live. But, Nature is built by GOD himself. So, to meet God you would have to go to the place which HE has buil... more >>

Religiously South

Religiously South Religion is a way to the spiritual INTROSPECTION. This bout is a religious, spiritual and knowledgeable journey through the south of India. You would get to see the some of the best, most beautiful and most visited Hindu temples of India. Some of these temples... more >>

When Nature Calls

When Nature Calls: To know yourself, know your roots and introspect yourself, you would have to know the nature first. The true enjoyment of nature is beyond the reach of those who remain inside the four walls of towns and cities. The sweet songs of the lovely birds bring... more >>