Kamasutra Bouts

India is one of the oldest civilizations in this world. Not only did India gift the world with the number “zero” to help the science and mathematics, “yoga” to help physical health, “ayurveda” to help medical sciences throughout the entire history, but also gifted this world with a text composition called Kamasutra. “Kamasutra” is a word in Sanskrit or ancient Hindi language which is a combination of two words – “Kama” and “Sutra”. “Kama” means sexual or sensual pleasure and “Sutra” means formula. So “Kamasutra” means formula or guidelines for sexual or sensual pleasure. It is famed worldwide as a standard work on human sexual behavior. It was composed by Vātsyāyana sometime in between 400 BCE and 200 CE.
Romance, sensuality and sexuality are integral part of this nature. No matter how much it is frowned upon or how much we shy away from it, but the fact is that this is what has been sustaining the life from the very beginning. If we declare Sexuality and Lust as sins and taboo it, the human race could come to the verge of extinction. People all around the world have tried to discover the roots of sexuality and sensuality through Kamasutra. Kamasutra and India have become each other’s identity now. World knows Kamasutra through India and India through Kamasutra.
To learn deeply about romance, sensuality and sexuality why just read it in Kamasutra, when you can come and visit the place where it was thought and composed at the very first place. Come and experience our “Kamasutra Bout”, and discover the most romantic places of India, which are one of most antiquely romantic places around the world.

The Golden Triangle & Heavenly Himalayas

The Golden Triangle & Heavenly Himalayas Golden Triangle is the nickname given to the famous trinity of Indian tourism – Delhi, Agra & Jaipur. It is one of the most visited circuits of Indian tourism. India is renowned all over the world for having the world’s... more >>

The Amorous Himalayas

Amorous Himalaya :This tour starts form the Heart of India, New Delhi and takes you to a romantic journey through the valleys between the highest peaks in the world. Shimla and Manali are some of the most renown romantic destinations of India. They say “The warmth of LOVE can be... more >>

The Royal Romance

The Royal Romance : Romance is not the realm of Just the Kings, it is in the air and sands of Rajasthan. The bout covers the most culture rich state of India the Rajasthan( Raj+Sthan –“Place of the Kings”)Every wall of monuments and Forts here will bring you back to the age of... more >>

The LSD (Love-Sex-Devotion)

The LSD (Love-Sex-Devotion) The bout brings to you, both the aspects of ROMANCE – Physical and Spiritual. It covers Major romantic destinations of India, The Symbol of LOVE – The Taj Mahal, The birthplace of KAMASUTRA – temples of Khajuraho and the dip of HOLY Ganges – Varanasi.... more >>

Beauty and the Beach

Beauty and the beach. The bout is a treat for the beach lovers. It covers the uniquely different Western Beaches of India promising you the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen. Starting from Mumbai, you will see the party-full beaches of Goa followed by the most romantic... more >>

The Backwaters Rendezvous

The Backwaters Rendezvous. The bout offers you the best sights of Southern India. The tea plantation of Munnar will make you feel like “Alice in the Wonderland” accompanied by rejuvenating ayurvedic messages at Kumarakom will make you lose yourself in the nature. Followed by a... more >>

Tryst with History and Nature

Tryst with history and nature. The bout is a perfect Blend of History and Nature. On one hand you will have the chance to see the “Symbol of Love” The Taj Mahal with your own eyes, on the other hand a tiger safari of Ranthambore National park will instill chills in your heart.... more >>