Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline is a hormone in our body which raises our heart beat, blood pressure & rate of breathing. It can be controlled instantly. The only thing which controls the adrenaline is EXCITEMENT. If you want to raise the adrenaline in your body, just raise the EXCITEMENT outside the body. The Adrenaline Rush is a collection of bouts which are specifically designed to let you feel the surge of adrenaline inside you. There are lots of adventure activities like whitewater rafting, snow skiing, trekking, mountaineering, surfing, tiger safari, etc. included in these bouts. To have fun with these bouts, all you need is a good amount of adrenaline inside you.

Soaring Himalayas

The higher you rise above sea level, the higher your adrenaline rushes”. What if we take you to the highest places of this world… Higher than 10,000 feet above sea level (and some places even higher than 15,000 feet)! When you are on one such rough and narrow road and peek your... more >>

The Himalayan Stairways

The Himalayan Stairways: This tour is a mix of both fun and adventure. True to the name, “The Himalayan Stairways” is a journey through the lowlands to the peeks of Himalayas with a gradual increase of adrenaline rush at every stage. But you can’t take stairways on a SUV or a... more >>

Into The Wild

“Into The Wild” is a tour for all those who have freebirds inside them. Get to know your roots in the wild nature. To be near the nature is to be near the god. It’s a heavenly retreat away from your everyday busy and hectic life in the manmade concrete jungles. Enjoy the elephant... more >>

Trek to Paradise

Trek to Paradise: According to Indian mythology, as mentioned in the epic Mahabharata, Pandavas tried to walk their way upto to the heaven at the end of their lives. They walked to heaven on foot through Himalayas. You don’t have to try that hard, as we bring to you an... more >>