Besnagar located between the Betwa and Bes Rivers in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is famous for its great many monuments and famous archaeological sites.

The region is exceptionally known among tourists for its rich heritage and well-renowned historical sites like Heliodurus pillar, Udayagiri caves, Lohaṅgī Pīr and many other monuments and temples.

Udayagiri caves not far from Besnagar are one of India’s most known archaeological sites from the Gupta period. These caves are carved with extensive Hindu and Jain sculptures. Udayagiri is mostly known for its rock-cut sanctuaries and sculptured images revealing into hillside, these important tourist sites are currently under protection of the Archaeological Survey of India.

Heliodurus pillar is the stone column build by Heliodurus who was the greek ambassador sent to the court of King Bhagabhadra by Antialkidas (Greek King of Taxila) in 113 B.C. It is known that Heliodurus converted to Hinduism, The pillar has inscriptions describing the devotion of Heliodurus towards Lord Vishnu.

Places to Visit at Besnagar:

Udayagiri Caves

Ancient monuments in Besnagar

Heliodurus pillar

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